The Christina Noble Children’s Foundation is an international partnership of people dedicated to serving children in need of emergency and long-term medical care, nutritional rehabilitation, educational opportunities, vocational training and job placement, as well as children at risk of sexual and economic exploitation. The Foundation seeks to maximize the potential of each child. This is accomplished within the context of the family and the community whenever possible and always with love and respect for the dignity of each child as an individual.
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Health Care

For most of Vietnam’s very poor, medical care is inaccessible as a result of the prohibitive cost of care, which is prioritised well below other basic daily needs. A visit to the emergency room may spell financial ruin. But even worse, families without medical insurance who can’t afford the cost of medical treatment may be turned away from hospitals altogether without outside intervention.

At CNCF we strive to improve the health and well-being of the wider community and not just the Children under our care.  We provide free basic medical attention at our out-patient clinic and medical stations but we also work with local hospitals to arrange referrals and to settle treatment fees.


We have established a raft of projects designed to provide education and learning opportunities to children from poor families.  To-date, thousands of children benefit from these programs in Ho Chi Minh City and throughout southern Vietnam.

Education is crucial to the growth and development of every child and is key to breaking the poverty trap. Without education children have no means to develop beyond the social sphere into which they are born, rendered unable to choose a direction in life. Education gives children a sense of worth, hope and an opportunity.  In the short-term, school provides a refuge from danger and from poverty but long-term it is the means by which a child can permanently escape these.

Community Development

At CNCF we are committed to empowering and building the capabilities of poor children and their families. We work with children and their families to promote community participation, to increase financial stability that is sustainable, to provide children with choices in life and ultimately to help them escape poverty and pursue better lives for themselves and their children.

Empowerment takes time and prolonged commitment to the children and their families. We also need to be able to balance short-term results against long-term impact. Over the past two decades our Foundation has played a significant role in assisting thousands of children and their families to improve their quality of life and lead healthier, happier and independent lives.

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